The Ribbon - Downhill Route

Massive Slabs of Slickrock

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in Mesa Co, CO
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The Ribbon is one of Colorado’s premier locales for mountain bikers to ride on slickrock and is located just outside of Grand Junction in Bangs Canyon Recreation Area. 

The descent has several tricky spots that can be walked down or biked down by advanced riders. Follow trail signs carefully to avoid cliffs.

If you are a hiker, you can either hike up the trail from Little Park Trailhead as an out-and-back hike, or hike it downhill from the top if you arrange a shuttle back up to your car.

Get Here
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Elevation Profile
Start Biking
For 1050ft
Continue Biking (Slickrock)
For 0.4mi
Not long after starting the decent you’ll reach a nearly half-mile long slab of slickrock

At the end of the longest section of slickrock, there is a technical section known by mountain bikers as the Toilet Bowl. This can be walked down if uncomfortable descending on your bike.

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