Gates of Lodore

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on Green River in Dinosaur National Monument, CO
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Gates of Lodore is located on the northern tip of Dinosaur National Monument. It is a long drive to the area and the wild, remote country adds to its sense of isolation. 

The trail starts with a few steps and then is a level walk above the Green River. The trail ends at a view of the entrance to Lodore Canyon. The trail does not provide access to Lodore Canyon, which is impassable on foot.

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Here, the Green River, after winding across the broad valley known as Browns Park, turns toward the south and makes a direct path into the mountains in front of it. The Green enters into deep canyons filled with rapids that challenged Major John Wesley Powell who passed through here in 1869 on his voyage down the Green and Colorado Rivers. Powell named the location based upon a poem by Robert Southey entitled “The Cataract of Lodore.”

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