Cooper Creek & Lake

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on Lake Fork and Cooper Creek in Hinsdale Co, CO
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Beauty and solitude are two things you’re very likely to experience on the Cooper Creek Trail.  Many visitors of this region are aiming to add a 13er or 14er to their list of achievements, but if that is not what you seek, this may be the perfect route. Its trailhead and trail can certainly be a gateway to numerous peaks, but the valley and isolate lake are the real gems of this specific route. This trail is generally easy to follow. 

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Elevation Profile
Start Hiking
For 2.6mi
Ascend gently up the valley, through forests and meadows, across the creek, and enter the basin prior to the final one mile climb to the lake. 
Continue Hiking
For 1.1mi
This mile is the route’s hardest, steeply climbing up to Cooper Lake. One could turn around and still have enjoyed a wonderful trek through the valley, but the experience of the elevated and isolated lake is what makes this whole route worthwhile. You may see numerous cascades along this climb as well. 

Elevated and tucked away under the surrounding ridges, it may feel like your private paradise. Don’t expect sweeping 360 views like you would get from one of the surrounding peaks, but it does offer a clear view into the basin and of many Redcloud WSA peaks.  

Continue Hiking
For 3¾mi
Footing can be loose, especially on the immediate downhill, so take your time! 
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