Evergreen Lakes Nature Trail

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on Evergreen Lakes in Lake Co, CO
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While the Leadville National Fish Hatchery is a worthwhile destination in and of itself, historically significant as the second oldest Federal hatchery and offering opportunities to see plenty of fish, this short nature trail is a must on any visit. 

Learn about the local ecosystem and history away from the main site without having to venture into the wilderness. That said, several options to explore the Mount Massive Wilderness and even connect to the Colorado trail do exist from here.  

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Elevation Profile
Visitor Center

A good place to start any visit, or following your hike, is the main visitor center. 

Fish Hatchery

There’s much to see at the hatchery itself, just outside the visitor center and next to the trailhead. Established in 1889, this is the second oldest Federal hatchery still operating in the country. 

Interpretive Trail

Start the nature trail here, which will loop through the Evergreen Lakes. The trailhead sign here will help orient you to wildlife found in the area. 

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Numerous interpretive signs help identify trees, flowers, and more along the way. You’ll pass next to several of the smaller ponds until you reach the largest, where there is also a day use site. 

Several small ponds and wetlands, with the largest being in the south. 

Historical Place

Learn about the historic Evergreen Lakes Hotel, which burned down in 1894. 

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