Spruce Mountain Loop

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in Spruce Mountain Open Space, CO
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Spruce Mountain offers clear views of rolling hills and Colorado’s Front Range from under the comfortable cover of a ponderosa pine and Douglas fir forest. After an initial climb, this route takes a relatively flat loop along the mesa’s most scenic vistas before returning.  You can even spot Pikes Peak on a clear day. 

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Elevation Profile

Only cars and light trucks can park here, while trailers will need to park at the Spruce Meadows Trailhead.  The nearest water is available at Greenland Open Space Trailhead via a spigot. 

Start Hiking
For ¾mi
After a short distance on the Spruce Meadows Trail south from the trailhead, start up the series of switchbacks toward Greenland Overlook. This segment makes up the bulk of the climb. 
Observation Point

Take a rest and turn around to catch a view of Greenland Open Space below. Another beautiful destination for another day! 

Continue Hiking
For 1300ft
A short climb further, some of the last before you reach the mesa’s top, takes you to Paddock’s Point. Take another rest and enjoy an entirely different view. 
Observation Point

This overlook perfectly frames the neighboring Eagle Mountain, which is actually a butte rather than a mesa. What’s the difference between the two? A butte is taller than it is wide, usually just the eroded remains of what used to be a mesa or plateau. Also take a moment to view the plaque dedicated to Warren Craig Paddock, a forester who took loving care of this land for so long.  

Continue Hiking
For 1¼mi
Shortly after Paddock’s Point is the intersection with the Upper Loop trail, where you can go either direction to get to Windy Point on the far side.  The northern half offers slightly more shade. 
Observation Point

Windy Point is the star destination on Spruce Mountain, providing a grand view of the Front Range and Pikes Peak in the distance. 

Continue Hiking
For 2.4mi
Continue along the opposite half of the loop and back down the northeastern side of the mesa to the trailhead. It’s also possible to return via the service road and Eagle Pass Trail, but this a slightly greater distance.