Poudre River – Kodak to Signature Bluffs

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on Cache la Poudre River in Weld Co, CO
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Covering four of the Poudre River Trail’s thirteen total sections, the Kodak to Signature Bluffs route offers a rewarding journey through the heart of this diverse natural corridor. Step through the route’s Timeline below to learn more about each individual section.

The Poudre River Trail is a 21+ mile paved recreational trail for non-motorized activities such as walking, cycling, in-line skating, and wildlife viewing along the picturesque lower Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area. Each trail section takes on its own personality and features story posts as well as interpretive signs to augment the natural beauty.  Eagles, turkeys, deer and other wildlife are plentiful along the meandering river.  

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This trailhead has parking, signs about the trail, a portable restroom, but does not have water. 

Start Biking (Kodak Section)
For 3mi
The Kodak section offers views of the river along most of its length. Wildlife within the Kodak Watchable Wildlife Area and along this section include deer, coyotes, squirrels, bull snakes, great blue herons, king fishers, hawks, owls, turkeys, and ducks. It’s also an area rich in geology and history. Read more about this section.
Continue Biking (Prisoner of War Section)
For 1mi
The Prisoner of War section is level and crosses the Kodak Bridge to the river’s south side. You may see cattle, wild turkeys, bull frogs, deer, and turtles. Read more about this section.
Continue Biking (Sharkstooth Section)
For 1¼mi
The Sharkstooth section approaches several lakes created from gravel mining and is now a great place to spot waterfowl.  If you look closely, you may even see a bald eagle nest to the north. Read more about this section.

The Poudre Learning Center is dedicated to inspiring  and educating students, families, and residents about the Cache la Poudre River’s environment and history.  Read more about the learning center and adjacent trailhead

Continue Biking (Signature Bluffs Section)
For 1½mi
The beautiful Signature Bluffs section is also among the most narrow, encouraging you to slow down and appreciate your surroundings. The sandstone cliffs offer addition diversity to the trail, but beware of fallen rocks and poison ivy. Read more about this section.

Signature Bluffs is near the midpoint of the entire Poudre River Trail and makes for a good starting or ending point for a ride in either direction. Read more about the Signature Bluffs Natural Area.

Continue Biking
For 6¾mi
If you have the time, you can explore several trails within the Signature Bluffs Natural Area before heading back the way you came.