Devil’s Backbone Indian Summer Loop

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on Louden Ditch in Devil's Backbone Open Space, CO
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Covering almost the entirety of Devil’s Backbone, this route traverses several loops and ranges from easy flowing trails to technical challenges over rocky terrain.  Aside from the tracks themselves, you’ll be treated to a truly scenic landscape shaped by the area’s unique geological past. 

While the route is written with bikes in mind, the same paths are also open to horses with the exception of the first 0.1 miles. Instead, take the Wild Loop Horse Trail from the trailhead. 

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This can be a popular open space, so be sure to arrive early to beat the crowds. 

Start Biking
For 1.7mi
Shortly after leaving the trailhead, turn right on the newer bike-only Hidden Valley Trail to bypass foot traffic for nearly two miles. Also note that the Keyhole is not accessible to bikes, so be sure to come back and visit another time on foot. 
Continue Biking
For 3.9mi
Keep straight to continue down the open space’s corridor before reaching a private easement. Along the way, the trail splits twice – for variety, this route hits each fork on the out and back. Some spots can be challenging near the middle of this route. The most ambitious riders can continue on a seemingly endless network of additional trails to the north, though most will want to save those for another day.
Continue Biking
For 6.9mi
After reaching the end of Devil’s Backbone Open Space via the easy Blue Sky Trail, just shy of Rimrock Open Space, you’ll loop back on the slightly more technical Indian Summer Trail. Take those opposite forks in the trail for the most variety on your way back. 
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