Devil’s Backbone Wild Loop

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on Louden Ditch in Devil's Backbone Open Space, CO
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Unique geology, abundant wildlife, and gorgeous views are just some of what draws visitors to Devil’s Backbone Open Space. This easy hiking loop offers all of those things in a relatively condensed package, taking you along the Devil’s Backbone itself. You may spot red-tailed hawks, golden eagles, elk, bobcats, fox, mule deer, a myriad of wildflowers, and more. Keep in mind that so much more is accessible from this trail network to the north as well, should you get hooked on what you experienced here. 

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Elevation Profile

Given its proximity to the city and immense beauty, expect a fair number of people on the weekends. Traffic can be especially high in the evening due to its westerly views. 

Start Hiking
For 1mi
You’ll cross a footbridge, take a few steps, and generally climb uphill slightly during this first stretch. To get to the route’s main attraction, the Keyhole, you’ll need to take the steeper of two forks. 

This eroded arch provides the perfect frame for the regions mountains and valleys. Not surprisingly, it is a popular overlook. The formations are quite fragile, so please be sure to make no impact on the site beyond a wonderful photo.  

Continue Hiking
For 1.4mi
Many visitors will turn back the way they came at the Keyhole, but completing the loop can give you a different perspective on the way back to the trailhead.