Staunton Scenic Loop

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on Elk Creek and Mason Creek in Staunton State Park, CO
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The Staunton State Park Scenic Loop Trail System is a moderate in difficulty fitness 19.9 mile trail loop. This trail loop highlights most of Staunton State Park’s greatest features and utilizes the most popular trails in the park. 

Any user who takes the Scenic Loop Trail System will have access to six separate scenic overlooks, several historic structures, a 100’ waterfall and an interpretive old milling site. The best part of the traveling this route is that users will see some of the most secluded parts of the park to be totally immersed in nature away from other visitors!

Almost all of the depicted route can be biked, with a couple minor exceptions. On bike, you’ll need to bypass the Historic Cabin Trail by staying to the Staunton Ranch Trail and visit a few of the overlooks on foot only. 

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Historical Place

While you can stay on the main Staunton Ranch Trail here, a slightly longer detour to the left via Chase Meadow and Historic Cabin trails (depicted here) winds through beautiful meadows as it passes Staunton’s historic cabins. These include the Brola, Blaine, Richardson and the Staunton Cabins. This is open to hiking only. 

Rock Climbing Spot

Just north is the Staunton Rocks Climbing area, a short distance off this main route. 

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Observation Point

The dramatic Elk Falls drops nearly 100 feet into North Elk Creek.


Most of the Park lies on a large granite formation called the Pikes Peak batholiths. Formed as the Earth’s crust was pushed up from below its hot liquid core, this batholith intruded into Precambrian metamorphic rocks. Millennia of uplift and erosion exposed the granite and eroded away most of the Precambrian rocks. Different rates of erosion created spectacular groupings of granite cliffs and outcrops like Chimney Rock, but also the nearby Lions Head, Elk Creek Spires and Staunton Rocks.

Building Ruin

Here you can view a turn-of-the-20th century saw mill and learn about the logging legacy of the region. 

Observation Point

Note that bikes aren’t allowed up to the overlook. 

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