Geyser Spring

Colorado’s Only True Geyser

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on West Dolores River and Geyser Creek in San Juan National Forest, CO
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Hidden away in the San Juan National Forest is Colorado’s only true geyser. While its eruptions may not compare to the bursts on display in places like Yellowstone, this spot has a charm all its own. 

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Be sure to check road conditions first, but most passenger vehicles will be able to reach this location in good conditions. 

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The trail first crosses the meadow and over a newer footbridge before disappearing into the aspen forest. After a few switchbacks up the hill, you’ll start to approach a final stretch that leads to the geyser. 

You may smell the sulfur in the air before you see this small, turquoise pool, though it’s not generally an overwhelming odor. Its eruptions are relatively mild and last about 12-15 minutes, with common intervals of 30-40 minutes. The carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide gasses create a dangerously low oxygen content near the pool, so don’t stay long near its surface or take a dip in the water! Leave the area if you feel at all lightheaded immediately. 

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