Four Mile North RZR Loop

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on Arkansas River in Chaffee Co, CO
  • Total Length
  • Ascent
  • Difficulty

This beginner friendly route will take you past the Aspen Arch, and wind through Chubb Park almost to Trout Creek Pass, and return on the Lenhardy Cutoff. Along the route, you can expect to encounter sand, protruding embedded rocks, and mild inclines.

The Fourmile Travel Management Area is located in northern Chaffee County and consists of 100,000 acres of Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands. 

Get Here
  • OHV Riding (>50”)
  • Motorcycle Riding
  • ATV Riding
  • Loop
  • Scenic
Elevation Profile
Start OHV Riding (>50”)
For 0.8mi
Continue OHV Riding (>50”)
For 13.8mi
Continue OHV Riding (>50”)
For 0.8mi